Inspiration for July 16, 2017


Lately, it seems increasingly difficult to find inspiration. It is as if I no longer recognize myself. I highly dislike writing simply for the sake of it and be completely inauthentic and disingenuous. I know full well from where the lack of drive derives. It is a symptom of the heaviness that weighs me down because I have restrained my person from my true self within my work environment. Abundance cannot come through clearly and effortlessly until one clears the clutter from its path. That is clutter in the home as well as in the mind. Abundance cannot provide its blessings if one is not living in utter truth. I have my share of clearing to do. This weekend, following a friend’s advice, I made the decision to take actionable steps to manifest a new direction for my business practice. There is no value in simply earning an income if I do not find the passion in what I do. In my case, it is not that I lost the passion for what I do, but more so for whom I do it. Though it is a very sad situation, it is one from which I most certainly must walk away.

I must thank God, the Universe and the angels for bringing me the required assistance to keep focus on my vision and intentions for my dreams to come true. I shall have no fears or doubts. I trust that if I once could obtain the ideal work opportunity, I am going to do so again. This time might be even more fantastic. Any desire is viable and I choose to keep my faith high knowing I have support while on my journey.

I, along with everyone, deserve to be happy while making a living.

In love and light, always!

Inspiration for July 11, 2017


I am always amazed at the way certain people have the innate ability to be energy vampires.  It is much easier for a dark and heavy energy to drag down a light and positive one than for a light and positive energy to enlighten a dark one.  I suppose the law of gravity applies figuratively here as well.  In various periods, I had to eliminate from my life such people who could take me to a murky place.  While it is freeing and necessary for ascension, it is excruciatingly exhausting, particularly when for a time, avoiding negative people appears to be nearly impossible.

I retreated for a bit to regroup and regain my strength.  It lasted longer than I initially anticipated.  I am disappointed in myself to have allowed this in my surroundings. However, some individuals carry with them an energy that is so draining you may at times feel that ignoring is the best solution.  When has sweeping dirt under a rug truly been the smartest resolution?  Today, I listened with my heart and I made the decision to snap out of it to find my footing once again.  Only I have the control to give my power to an unfavorable energy and I declare that I reached my limit.  Enough is enough.

I choose to jump into the positive flow.  I choose to pray rather than worry.  I give my worries and fears to God and his angels to intercede on my behalf for the greater good of my higher self.  I choose to improve the way I feel.  I choose to improve my point of attraction to be clear, loving and open to learn my lessons as well as receive the benedictions God and the Universe have in store for me.  That power is mine and I shall give it to no one.  The word “NO” does not scare me, but if it creates an imbalance I am not obligated to accept it.

To anyone reading this and with whom this resonates, I sincerely hope my insights help you.

In love and light, always!

Inspiration for July 5, 2017


Forgiveness begins with oneself. It is light and freeing and is just like love. How can you give it to another if you are unable to recognize it? Releasing toxic anger and fear is akin to dumping a heavy load to carry. Feel the relief. It truly is powerful and peaceful. It also makes space for so much beauty to enter.

Whispers of Love oracle teaches that with forgiveness love is restored and trust rebuilt. You must move from a place of bitterness back to the joy you deserve in your life. It is also important to remember that with true forgiveness, there is no rehashing, there is no bring back or recalling the ills from the past. This is what is meant by forgiving is forgetting. Sure, you are fully aware of the infraction a person committed against you. Each time you hear someone utter the idiom “I forgive, but I don’t forget”, said person has not fully yet reached the state of sincere forgiveness. Only when you find yourself in the true place of forgiveness, you realize there is no reason to mention the offense again or that you forgive and don’t forget. Allow the other party to learn his or her lesson as you do as well. Ponder on that.

This may sound counterintuitive, but as I progress in life, I learn to find the gratitude in the wrongdoings that have affected me. For one thing, it shows me who certain people are and it is my choice to pay attention. I can either proceed with caution or disassociate altogether. There is a blessing in that.

Everything does happen for a reason and the Universe never disappoints by more than just doing her thing in always showing me so.

Daily Inspiration for July 1, 2017


As today is the first day of the second half of the year, recall on where you were on December 31, 2016 and what you hoped to accomplish for this new year.  Use this moment to reflect on the resolutions you intended for 2017; it is never too late to bring your goals to fruition.

Remember that you always attract what your mind focuses on.  If you ponder on something from your past or present that you find disappointing, you will simply create more of it.  If you want to see the opposite come to pass, begin by focusing on that now; it is already here.  Surround yourself with love, love from your friends and family, even the kindness you give to or receive from a stranger.  Never lose sight that continuous dwelling on positivity shall only bring you to a favorable outcome.

The longer weekend we currently are fortunate to enjoy also provides for a bit more time for oneself.  Pause and meditate.  It need not be long.  Five minutes can suffice.  Connect with Source to strengthen your bond to one another.  Allow this to open your heart to hear the guidance.  Welcome it thoroughly and soon you will see all the blessings and abundance that are always in store for you.

Daily Inspiration for June 30, 2017


Realizing that everything that comes to me is a direct response of the thoughts I think drives me to pay close attention to the things I heavily reflect on. This is particularly important when what transpires does not offer the best results. I can transform every unsatisfactory situation into a positive one.

When the Universe continues to offer me the same repeated guidance, it is a sign I have not fully grasped the lessons I am to learn. I am not yet aligned with the energy required to reach the level I desire to achieve. This is often overwhelming and I ask myself: “how slow am I? When will I finally get it?” I, again, rebound to detach and let go of the outcome. The Universe has my back and I must be present in the moment. I am grateful for the now; so many no longer have that.

Today’s Whispers of Love oracle explains that everything happens for a reason. Some people come into our lives to educate us and make an impact. Sometimes, this is a love, soul mate union or a relationship for growth. Experience has shown me that these connections can come in all forms, such as work partnerships. They also last for various lengths of time. This is especially huge for me currently. More and more and I see that changes in my work environment are indicative of my evolving onto greener pastures. This can be formidable, but simultaneously fantastic.

I do have the power to unlock the magic of my intuition to allow my eyes to see clearly what I truly desire.


Daily Inspiration for June 29, 2017


I saw a video on social media this morning in which a man stated that the Universe owes us nothing and that we don’t matter.  The point he intends to make is that one should not dislike another for what the person has achieved; we are all capable of making our dreams come true.  His point is true; however, we all matter and are all equipped with the necessary tools to obtain our desires.  We simply need to dig deeply.  Sometimes it means to retreat, regroup and reflect.  The answers will come to us magically.

Presently, I am waiting for a response to complete a business deal.  Asking someone like me, for whom patience is not a virtue is excruciating.  I am left to ponder and wonder.  Of course, the first thoughts are not usually the best.  This is when I appreciate receiving repeated signs from the divine that I must always trust and honor my feelings.  Ultimately, every piece of the puzzle will fall as it is supposed to, in its respective place.  I continue to take care of my responsibilities and all is well.

For anyone like me, on the twin flame journey, a huge lesson is learning to create and maintain balance in every aspect of one’s life.  It is fitting and critical to keep my sanity.  As my client mulls over providing me with a response, I will only be stationed at his office three days a week going forward.  I decided if he is not the person to give me what I want, someone else will.  I must create the space for that.  Imbalance is disruptive to one’s energy to move forward and manifest intentions.  There is sufficient abundance for everyone.

To avoid building resentment while undergoing certain issues, I often take the attention away from my concerns and do something nice for someone else.  It could be helping a friend who has problems or assisting a stranger in need.  Unbeknownst to us often, we can illuminate an individual with the right conversation at the perfect time to guide him or her along his or her path.  It is a wonderful feeling to realize we can have an amazing important to shift the morale of another human being.

I have a fantastic support system with my family and I love to know that I am not only able to return the favor to it, but also give the same to others.

Daily Inspiration for June 28, 2017


In comparison to yesterday, today, I feel in alignment with who I really am.

I show God gratitude for helping me take notice of the number of opportunities he places on my path to fully live the true life I desire.  I am equally thankful for the support system I have and learn to reciprocate.  Once we achieve the level to do so thoroughly and unconditionally, the Universe provides us with more love continuously.

An old saying states that nothing worth having comes without surpassing certain hurdles.  Persevere and patiently keep an eye on the prize.  The struggles are simply an illusion designed to distract you along the way.  Never forget that the outcome is sweet.

I see the gold medal after I win the race.  I notice the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter with every I take towards it.  I keep my faith.  My dreams are true and here as I walk closer to them each day.