How The Story Begins

Ãme jumelle is the French translation for twin soul.

“He came to me, tall and handsome with that smile that became to be mine only.  He was dressed in all white and there he appeared as an angel God created just for me.  I never knew how significant May 17th, 2015 would come to be.  I recognized him then, my âme jumelle, my twin soul…”

Any other night, I would have declined the invite to go to the lounge where we met that evening.  I have horrid memories of frequenting similar places in the past.  But, there was something different in the air that night and I most definitely was in the mood to dance.

A former acquaintance and I were already in a different part of town socializing when she asked if I would be interested to join her friend at the new location.  I agreed not knowing that the greatest part of my spiritual awakening was beginning.

There is currently so much burgeoning in my life as a result of the evolution of my soul.  Not everyone will not understand, but those on a similar spiritual journey will.  If a soul mate is designed to test you while the Universe teaches you, a twin soul most definitely amplifies that process.  This is my platform, my outlet to release and share my experience.  As I presently write this, I feel a volcano of emotions ready to erupt from me.  I promise, it is a beautiful feeling that I wish so many of you to feel.  It is just as freeing as it is honest, which is the most striking way to live, in my opinion.

As I progress on my path, I find it helpful to be of assistance to others or do something nice for another person.  Each time, I learn that it shows me how to let go of ego and flow freely when I strive to overcome a problem I face as opposed to dwelling on it incessantly.  I will share the daily inspirations that allow me to remain grounded.  My sources are the Ask and It Is Given perpetual calendar from Esther and Jerry [Abraham] Hicks’ teachings, Archangel Michael oracles by Doreen Virtue as well as oracles by Sarah Prout’s Dear Universe collection and Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracle Now cards.

I invite you into parts of my most intimate expressions as I peel layers of my soul…