Inspiration for July 16, 2017


Lately, it seems increasingly difficult to find inspiration. It is as if I no longer recognize myself. I highly dislike writing simply for the sake of it and be completely inauthentic and disingenuous. I know full well from where the lack of drive derives. It is a symptom of the heaviness that weighs me down because I have restrained my person from my true self within my work environment. Abundance cannot come through clearly and effortlessly until one clears the clutter from its path. That is clutter in the home as well as in the mind. Abundance cannot provide its blessings if one is not living in utter truth. I have my share of clearing to do. This weekend, following a friend’s advice, I made the decision to take actionable steps to manifest a new direction for my business practice. There is no value in simply earning an income if I do not find the passion in what I do. In my case, it is not that I lost the passion for what I do, but more so for whom I do it. Though it is a very sad situation, it is one from which I most certainly must walk away.

I must thank God, the Universe and the angels for bringing me the required assistance to keep focus on my vision and intentions for my dreams to come true. I shall have no fears or doubts. I trust that if I once could obtain the ideal work opportunity, I am going to do so again. This time might be even more fantastic. Any desire is viable and I choose to keep my faith high knowing I have support while on my journey.

I, along with everyone, deserve to be happy while making a living.

In love and light, always!

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