Inspiration for July 11, 2017


I am always amazed at the way certain people have the innate ability to be energy vampires.  It is much easier for a dark and heavy energy to drag down a light and positive one than for a light and positive energy to enlighten a dark one.  I suppose the law of gravity applies figuratively here as well.  In various periods, I had to eliminate from my life such people who could take me to a murky place.  While it is freeing and necessary for ascension, it is excruciatingly exhausting, particularly when for a time, avoiding negative people appears to be nearly impossible.

I retreated for a bit to regroup and regain my strength.  It lasted longer than I initially anticipated.  I am disappointed in myself to have allowed this in my surroundings. However, some individuals carry with them an energy that is so draining you may at times feel that ignoring is the best solution.  When has sweeping dirt under a rug truly been the smartest resolution?  Today, I listened with my heart and I made the decision to snap out of it to find my footing once again.  Only I have the control to give my power to an unfavorable energy and I declare that I reached my limit.  Enough is enough.

I choose to jump into the positive flow.  I choose to pray rather than worry.  I give my worries and fears to God and his angels to intercede on my behalf for the greater good of my higher self.  I choose to improve the way I feel.  I choose to improve my point of attraction to be clear, loving and open to learn my lessons as well as receive the benedictions God and the Universe have in store for me.  That power is mine and I shall give it to no one.  The word “NO” does not scare me, but if it creates an imbalance I am not obligated to accept it.

To anyone reading this and with whom this resonates, I sincerely hope my insights help you.

In love and light, always!

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