Inspiration for July 5, 2017


Forgiveness begins with oneself. It is light and freeing and is just like love. How can you give it to another if you are unable to recognize it? Releasing toxic anger and fear is akin to dumping a heavy load to carry. Feel the relief. It truly is powerful and peaceful. It also makes space for so much beauty to enter.

Whispers of Love oracle teaches that with forgiveness love is restored and trust rebuilt. You must move from a place of bitterness back to the joy you deserve in your life. It is also important to remember that with true forgiveness, there is no rehashing, there is no bring back or recalling the ills from the past. This is what is meant by forgiving is forgetting. Sure, you are fully aware of the infraction a person committed against you. Each time you hear someone utter the idiom “I forgive, but I don’t forget”, said person has not fully yet reached the state of sincere forgiveness. Only when you find yourself in the true place of forgiveness, you realize there is no reason to mention the offense again or that you forgive and don’t forget. Allow the other party to learn his or her lesson as you do as well. Ponder on that.

This may sound counterintuitive, but as I progress in life, I learn to find the gratitude in the wrongdoings that have affected me. For one thing, it shows me who certain people are and it is my choice to pay attention. I can either proceed with caution or disassociate altogether. There is a blessing in that.

Everything does happen for a reason and the Universe never disappoints by more than just doing her thing in always showing me so.

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