Daily Inspiration for July 1, 2017


As today is the first day of the second half of the year, recall on where you were on December 31, 2016 and what you hoped to accomplish for this new year.  Use this moment to reflect on the resolutions you intended for 2017; it is never too late to bring your goals to fruition.

Remember that you always attract what your mind focuses on.  If you ponder on something from your past or present that you find disappointing, you will simply create more of it.  If you want to see the opposite come to pass, begin by focusing on that now; it is already here.  Surround yourself with love, love from your friends and family, even the kindness you give to or receive from a stranger.  Never lose sight that continuous dwelling on positivity shall only bring you to a favorable outcome.

The longer weekend we currently are fortunate to enjoy also provides for a bit more time for oneself.  Pause and meditate.  It need not be long.  Five minutes can suffice.  Connect with Source to strengthen your bond to one another.  Allow this to open your heart to hear the guidance.  Welcome it thoroughly and soon you will see all the blessings and abundance that are always in store for you.

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