Daily Inspiration for June 30, 2017


Realizing that everything that comes to me is a direct response of the thoughts I think drives me to pay close attention to the things I heavily reflect on. This is particularly important when what transpires does not offer the best results. I can transform every unsatisfactory situation into a positive one.

When the Universe continues to offer me the same repeated guidance, it is a sign I have not fully grasped the lessons I am to learn. I am not yet aligned with the energy required to reach the level I desire to achieve. This is often overwhelming and I ask myself: “how slow am I? When will I finally get it?” I, again, rebound to detach and let go of the outcome. The Universe has my back and I must be present in the moment. I am grateful for the now; so many no longer have that.

Today’s Whispers of Love oracle explains that everything happens for a reason. Some people come into our lives to educate us and make an impact. Sometimes, this is a love, soul mate union or a relationship for growth. Experience has shown me that these connections can come in all forms, such as work partnerships. They also last for various lengths of time. This is especially huge for me currently. More and more and I see that changes in my work environment are indicative of my evolving onto greener pastures. This can be formidable, but simultaneously fantastic.

I do have the power to unlock the magic of my intuition to allow my eyes to see clearly what I truly desire.


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