Daily Inspiration for June 29, 2017


I saw a video on social media this morning in which a man stated that the Universe owes us nothing and that we don’t matter.  The point he intends to make is that one should not dislike another for what the person has achieved; we are all capable of making our dreams come true.  His point is true; however, we all matter and are all equipped with the necessary tools to obtain our desires.  We simply need to dig deeply.  Sometimes it means to retreat, regroup and reflect.  The answers will come to us magically.

Presently, I am waiting for a response to complete a business deal.  Asking someone like me, for whom patience is not a virtue is excruciating.  I am left to ponder and wonder.  Of course, the first thoughts are not usually the best.  This is when I appreciate receiving repeated signs from the divine that I must always trust and honor my feelings.  Ultimately, every piece of the puzzle will fall as it is supposed to, in its respective place.  I continue to take care of my responsibilities and all is well.

For anyone like me, on the twin flame journey, a huge lesson is learning to create and maintain balance in every aspect of one’s life.  It is fitting and critical to keep my sanity.  As my client mulls over providing me with a response, I will only be stationed at his office three days a week going forward.  I decided if he is not the person to give me what I want, someone else will.  I must create the space for that.  Imbalance is disruptive to one’s energy to move forward and manifest intentions.  There is sufficient abundance for everyone.

To avoid building resentment while undergoing certain issues, I often take the attention away from my concerns and do something nice for someone else.  It could be helping a friend who has problems or assisting a stranger in need.  Unbeknownst to us often, we can illuminate an individual with the right conversation at the perfect time to guide him or her along his or her path.  It is a wonderful feeling to realize we can have an amazing important to shift the morale of another human being.

I have a fantastic support system with my family and I love to know that I am not only able to return the favor to it, but also give the same to others.

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