Daily Inspiration for June 27, 2017


I intended on writing my post by early afternoon on that day. I set a goal and was determined to achieve it. However, I forgot that I can only control my actions and when dealing with other personalities, many unexpected happenings can ensue.

As a relatively new entrepreneur, I will say that I HIGHLY dislike discussing money, especially when left to appear relentless. Who wants to seem like a beggar for one’s worth? We live in a world when many hope to receive high value at a cheap price and constantly battling this discord can prove extremely daunting. Still, if you are confident that you provide a service or product of great quality, you must persevere and allow no one the chance to take what you do for granted.

On June 27, 2017, my connection to Source was highly challenged. I almost gave up on my writing. Thankfully, I do not have a character that easily succumbs to defeat. By the end of the day, I remembered the importance to be gentle with myself and dug deeply to think loving thoughts as I stressed over a plan that fell through. I released the heavy feelings in my heart and found inner peace.

I pondered on the reason I desired to service a client in question four years earlier. I showed compassion for his current situation, closing on new acquisitions amidst a volatile industry. I also showed gratitude for his continuous generosity in sharing his profits while I am no employee of his.

These reflections made me realize that sometimes an adventure with an ideal customer can run its course completely or veer in a different direction. Often, what seems to be an unfortunate situation is a blessing for new opportunities to come along one’s path. I decided to remain open and be in the position to handle all possibilities I encounter.

I always repeat that happiness is a choice. It is one I hold dearly to my heart. I am thankful to God and the Universe to have created me as I am, always in pursuit of MY happiness. My happiness in a feeling I take in when I am utterly and completely FREE. For me, this also means to refuse to be confined to the rules of Corporate America and to instead work independently. With the blessings of my sharp mind and my personality, I can design new beginnings repeatedly.

I am present now, at the start of an innovative master plan for my life.








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